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Small Business Marketing helps turn dreams into profitable businesses, and profitable businesses into regional and even national leaders in their industry.

But don't take our word for it. We'd rather let our clients do that! Check out our case studies below...

Objective: Quickly establish a company's dominant, positive reputation on the internet.

Karl Krauss, Attorney

The Challenge: Quickly design, develop and launch a website in a highly competitive industry in a specific geographic area.
The Solution: "SBM conducted a market analysis of similar law firms on the area and nation. They itemized their websites' best characteristics and incorporated them into a new website which would quickly catch people's attention and drive new business."
The Results: "New client calls started coming in very quickly after the website was launched."
The Bottom Line: "SBM got the best of the best website design and content ideas in our industry, and synthesized them all into our website. They went beyond 'reputation management' to 'reputation dominance'! We got a return on our marketing investment very quickly."

Objective: Market a business using multiple channels so that it expands into multiple counties.

Jon Hill, Small Business Owner

The Challenge: "We needed a comprehensive marketing plan to be implemented which would increase our competitiveness in several counties. This marketing plan would also need to involve staff and even customers."
The Solution: "We developed and implemented a marketing plan which combined a new, cutting-edge website, targeted online advertising, consistent Search Engine Optimization strategies and heightened customer service outreach."
The Results: "Income has increased so much, that we needed to hire more staff! A year later, we opened a new store in Twin Falls. Shortly thereafter, we opened another store in Boise. All of them are profitable."
The Bottom Line: "We needed aggressive marketing on many fronts, and Small Business Marketing has delivered in spades. As a result, we've gone from having two profitable stores to four profitable stores. Small business owners would be smart to work with Small Business Marketing so their businesses could expand, too."

Objective: Transform a store's poor reputation into a stellar reputation within one year. Improve their standing against competitors.

Dave Clark, Store Manager

The Challenge: Owner purchased a store with a poor reputation. Transform it into one with a nearly flawless reputation in as short of time as possible.
The Solution: "Small Business Marketing worked us to implement a reputation management campaign focused on ascending up Google's search engine page ranks."
The Results: "We went from having an online Google rating of 2.3 to 4.0 in one year. We also ascended up search engine rankings, going from the top of page 3 to #3 on page 1. Revenues are doing terrific!"
The Bottom Line: "Small Business Marketing has been a critical factor in helping to turn this store around into one of the top ones in our industry in the Treasure Valley! After helping us design a logo and even the store's exterior, Small Business Marketing built a website and a highly effective online marketing program that's been very profitable. Small Business Marketing's comprehensive reputation management program worked better than we anticipated!"

Objective: Grow an existing business beyond expectations.

Paul "PK" King, Insurance Agent/Broker

The Challenge: "Although our marketing was going well, (1) we faced stiff competition in our own area and (2) we were ready to take it to a higher level -- especially our website. So, we needed a marketing expert, a webmaster, a content writer and graphic artist without having to pay big advertising/marketing fees."
The Solution: "Small Business Marketing sat down with us to understand our competitive landscape and goals. They created a new logo, a new website (that looks good on smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop), and researches, writes and maintains our blog -- something most webmasters can't or won't do. They also enabled new technology on our website that allows us to know when someone's visiting our website and to contact the website visitor in real time."
The Results: "In just our first year with Small Business Marketing,
* Website visitors increased 250%.
* Website pageviews shot up an incredible 500%!
* We're ranked #1 in over a dozen key search engine criteria.
* We're either holding steady or (in most cases) improving in other search criteria against fierce competition.
* Website changes are usually made in hours, not days or weeks.
* We've experienced an increased number of calls (and sales) directly as a result of Small Business Marketing's online marketing strategies."
The Bottom Line: "Small Business Marketing has given us tremendous value while exceeding our expectations."

Objective: Turn a market niche into a nationally-sold retail product.

Jeri McFarlane, Inventor

The Challenge: In 2011, my husband and I developed an innovative way to store quart and pint glass jars. It had never been done before. It was our baby. But we needed a way to not only effectively market it, but to also help make it profitable.
The Solution: We contacted Small Business Marketing and asked them to put together a marketing plan; it was done in days. We needed a website; it was done in a week. We needed marketing materials; they were created in days and weeks. We needed a photos, sales portfolios, product testimonials, magazine ads, Electronic Data Interchange procedures, advice negotiating with nationwide retailers, social media accounts, e-mail campaigns, display materials and a hundred other things to help get us effectively launched and profitable. They were all done quickly and almost always ahead of our expectations. Small Business Marketing traveled anywhere and did anything it took to help us effectively launched.
The Results: Within the span of a few months, we were actively negotiating with major regional retailers -- two years ahead of our expectations! We're now found in True Value Hardware stores, Tractor Supply Company, Bi-Mart, Menards and other retailers...with more being added. I can't believe this all started with an idea, and now "our baby" is found coast to coast in the U.S. and Canada.
The Bottom Line: Small Business Marketing used many marketing strategies most webmasters haven't even considered. In less than a year, we went from having a concept to becoming nationwide retailers. Incredible!

Objective: Transform a hobby into a profitable, brand new business.

Alan & Wendi Greenhalgh, Owners, fishing tackle company

The Challenge: "We make customized fishing lures specifically for kokanee and trout. From Day 1, we knew we had a viable product, but we needed to find a way to market this product nationwide. We needed a small business marketing expert in our corner."
The Solution: "Small Business Marketing performed an in-depth competitive analysis that showed us where our competitors' strengths and weaknesses were. It also built our website with an online store and a blog which we maintain. Whenever we need advice or help (even if it's in the evenings or a Saturday), Small Business Marketing is more than happy to take our call."
The Results: "When we started our company in 2012, it was more-or-less a paid hobby. But the marketing proceeded so well, we started selling our lures in area fishing stores. As marketing expanded and more fishermen discovered our lures, more stores started selling them. Today, our products are being sold in small and large regional and even national sporting goods stores. These include Cabellas, Bass Pro Shops and Sportsman's Warehouse, from the Washington State to New Hampshire. Then in early 2014, the growth of our company allowed me (Alan) to quit my full-time day job and continue building this company full-time!"
The Bottom Line: "We're grateful and humbled to be an American success story, and Small Business Marketing has been with us every step of the way. Their assistance and advice has been invaluable."

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