We recently scored a $400,000 contract due (in part) to SBM's marketing campaign. Website, videos, advertising, social media, SEO and local marketing -- Small Business Marketing does it all...for a fraction of what ad agencies charge!” - Mike R., Small Business Marketing client


When you work with Small Business Marketing, you're not working with a vendor, but a partner...who's just as committed to your success as you are.

Want proof? Compare these options (just horizontally scroll the table to see the complete comparison) then check out our results!


COSTYour hourly rate x 10-15 hours/week x 4 weeks/monthAverage experience: approx $5,034/moApprox. $3,000/mo - $5,000/moBetween $500/mo - $1,500/mo
OVERHEAD COSTS (Benefits, 401(k), office, withholding, secretarial, unemployment)YesYesYesNo
AVAILABILITYWhenever (at the expense of other priorities)Mon-Fri, 8am-5pmMon-Fri, 8am-5pmMon-Sat, 9am-9pm
RESPONSIVENESS (How quickly will they call you back)?N/AWithin a day or twoWithin 2-3 daysWithin hours
EXPERIENCE(Compared with what's needed), usually minimalUsually +/- 2 yearsVaries, but usually 5-10 years20-25 years

Don't take our word for it! Check out some articles here, here and here to see why it's best to outsource your marketing to Utah Marketing! Click any section header below to expand with more details.

It's cost effective.

  • To market effectively, at a minimum, you need a copywriter, website designer, website programmer, marketing strategist and analytics expert. "What would it cost to put together an internal team with all of these skillsets? It’s likely to be hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Could you afford to staff such a team full time?"
  • "Hiring a freelancer is one of the best ways to cut costs as a startup."
  • "The national average salary for a Digital Marketer is $60.414, and the average salary for a Digital Marketing Manager is $99,914. Not to mention the health benefits, vacation, sick pay, unemployment insurance, workers’ comp insurance, etc. Outsourcing Digital Marketing with an experienced and reputable agency can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 monthly, depending on the level of services you need and the advertising you want to pursue. Overall, outsourcing is much more budget friendly."

Higher level of expertise.

  • "Most small to mid-sized businesses are not able to appeal to the higher-level talent, which results in a more entry-level marketer. However, agencies employ marketers who have devoted their careers to advancing their knowledge in the area of Digital Marketing as well as continually researching trends and changes. Bottom-line, agencies offer higher-level, more experienced talent at a fraction of the price of a full-time marketer."

It frees you up to manage your business.

  • "Let’s face it, you are busy. You have a business to run, staff to manage, sales to make, you don’t have time to worry about the marketing strategy or the minutia of the daily management. Outsourcing takes the marketing department out of the building and out of the way. Allowing you to focus on your responsibilities."

It gives you a lot of options.

  • "With freelancers on your team, you’ll be presented with a wide range of great options that your startup can explore immediately. This is because most freelancers are skilled in many areas. For example, you can get a freelance writer, who’s also good in graphic designing."

You maintain overall control of your marketing.

  • "When you outsource your marketing, you do give up a measure of control. Instead of relying on your own instincts, you are putting your marketing program into outside hands. And that can be scary.But if you hire the right partner — one that’s willing to collaborate with you, studiously test assumptions and make course adjustments along the way — you’ll find that for the first time your firm has the tools to deliver an intelligent go-to-market program. Marketing will become less a guessing game and more a series of scientific experiments to discover what techniques and messages resonate best with your audience.

    At times, success will arrive in explosive bursts. At other times, progress will be small and incremental. But you will be able to measure your headway, have a decent idea of where it came from and feel confident that you can replicate your success. That’s control."

The bottom line(s):

  • "Outsourced Marketers run your campaigns so you can run your business."
  • "Outsourcing will save you money and provide a more experienced marketing team that works when necessary and doesn’t waste your time or your money."
  • "Outsourcing can help you determine what will work best and give you more bang for your buck."

You can succeed in the business world without dishonesty, greed, or unethical practices! Small Business Marketing is committed to doing business ethically and enthusiastically shares the message that ethical business is more effective and more profitable. Here's a link with more details.
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